Kids parties

Children have so much energy and excitement, which is why our parties for this age group are packed with games and music they love. The aim is to get everyone involved making sure no one is left out! We like to organise competitions and of course make sure there is lots of dancing too. Glow sticks tend to go down really well and we even make sure all the kids receive a free wristband with every disco. Children’s parties are on average 2 hours in duration.

Games that we play:

  • The corner game (Number each corner in the room 1-4. Give the children 10 seconds to select a corner. The DJ faces the opposite direction and then announces which corner they have chosen. The aim of the game is for the kids to pick a corner that isn't announced by the DJ)

  • Limbo (How low can you go? Each person takes it in turn to go under the bar with each round getting tougher)

  • Conga (We always make sure the person who is celebrating their birthday is leading the conga train. They dance around with everyone in a single line one behind the other)

  • Michael Jackson dance moves (The king of pop Michael Jackson was the best dancer of our generation, but can any of the guests at the party do the moonwalk?) 

  • Stuck in the mud (It's a classic game where two people are 'on' depending on how many kids are playing. They have to chase the others that are not 'on' and tag them. When they have tagged another person who was not on, that friend is 'stuck in the mud'. They stand with their legs and arms out and they cannot move. The only way to release them is if another person who is not stuck goes under the player that is stuck to free them)

  • Over and under: (X2 teams. Each team stands in a line one behind the other with the person at the front holding the balloon. Once the DJ says "3...2...1..." The balloon has to go over and then under. Once you've had your turn you immediately run to the back of the line. First team to finish wins the game)

  • One person is in the middle: (When the DJ describes something for example "anyone with a red item of clothing" they have to make it to the other side without getting 'tagged' by the person in the middle)

Other games and songs to dance to include:

  • Hulu hoop competition

  • Dance off (Boys Vs Girls)

  • YMCA/Cha cha slide/Macrenna/Gangnam style

  • Best dancer competition


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