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Optional extras


Alongside our DJ service, we offer a variety of optional extras that can be added to your booking.

For more information please see below:

up lighting

Uplighter hire

up lighters
up lighting

Our uplighter hire is the perfect way to add a colourful and transformative ambience to your event. We offer a range of colours for you to pick from and make sure the lighting matches your theme. The uplighters are often placed at the base of a wall or column at your venue to create an illuminated effect. 


Confetti cannons

confetti cannon
confetti cannon

Confetti cannons always create a massive visual impact and guarantees a huge cheer from your guests. Although very popular at weddings during the first dance, our confetti cannons have proven to be a big hit at a variety of functions including birthdays, children's discos, teenage parties, engagement celebrations, anniversaries, Christmas events, New Year's Eve, charity nights and corporate functions. 


Love lights / numbers


Whether celebrating a wedding, birthday, corporate event or festival; we can help you add some extra sparkle to your party with our light-up letter/number hire! You just need to choose the combination of giant light-up letters, numbers and symbols and let us do the rest. Our lights create a fantastic backdrop for photos, light up the dance floor and add the perfect personal touch to your venue.

Love and laughter couples quiz

Couples Quiz
Couples Quiz
Couples Quiz
Couples Quiz

Looking to add a touch of fun and laughter to your special day? Introducing our fabulous Love and laughter couples quiz loosely based around the iconic TV show 'Mr and Mrs'! Whether it's a Mr and Mrs couple, Mr and Mr, or Mrs and Mrs, we absolutely love putting our newlyweds to the test with hilarious results. Picture this: you've recently got married and your sitting back-to-back with your partner on chairs positioned on the dance floor. We'll lead the way with a series of heartwarming and side-splitting questions about your relationship and individual personalities.


To add to the excitement, we've got paddle boards, the perfect sound effects for right and wrong answers, and even the iconic TV theme tune to set the mood! Trust us; it's an experience that leaves everyone in fits of laughter as we host the quiz that brings everyone together for some memorable moments.


Projector and screen hire

wedding projector hire

Transform your party with our projector and screen hire services. The perfect idea to bring your photos and videos to life while you're celebrating with your friends and family. This is also available to hire for corporate functions and movie nights. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures vibrant visuals, where every detail is designed to enhance the event with our projector and screen. Get in touch for more details and a quote.

Please note that all our DJ bookings come with speakers that's included in the price. This option is for customers looking to hire speakers purely on it's own without having a DJ

Speaker hire


Are you planning a special celebration and looking to hire a high quality sound system without a DJ? We offer professional speakers for hire that allow you to take full control of the music and create the ultimate playlist tailored to your event. With our user-friendly equipment, you become the ultimate master of ceremonies, shaping the atmosphere and ensuring an unforgettable experience for your guests. Our speakers boast incredible sound quality, making sure that every beat, melody, and lyric resonates beautifully throughout the venue. Whether you want to get everyone on their feet with dance floor fillers or create a more laid-back ambiance with smooth tunes, the choice is all yours! Our setup empowers you to set the mood that perfectly matches your special occasion.

Disco lighting hire

Please note that all our DJ bookings come with lighting that's included in the price. This option is for customers looking to hire disco lighting purely on it's own without having a DJ 

325553_10151250799073982_104089356_o copy.jpg

Our extensive range of disco lights and mesmerising lighting effects, will transform any venue into a dazzling dance floor that'll leave your guests in awe. Get ready to create a vibrant and electric atmosphere that's perfect for dancing the night away! Don't settle for ordinary lighting when you can have an extraordinary light show that elevates your party to a whole new level of excitement! Our disco lighting hire service is here to make your celebration an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 

DJ to host games and giveaway prizes

Please note that all our Kids Discos include games. This option is for customers seeking a DJ who not only plays music but also organises games and gives away prizes.


We've discovered that adding a couple of games alongside the DJ set can really bring your guests closer together. Usually, we kick off the fun at the start of the evening, dedicating about half an hour to these activities. One of our favorite games involves dividing the room into two teams and having a blast trying to be the first ones to fetch an item the DJ mentions. It's all about quick thinking and teamwork – like finding a black sock or a 1p coin. We also love a good music quiz where we play "Name That Tune," a dance-off where everyone can showcase their moves, and even a lively Lip Sync battle! It's all about creating memorable moments and lots of enjoyment. Plus, we're totally open to hearing your ideas too! If you have any game suggestions, we would be more than happy to include them! This option comes with some funny prizes that we giveaway to your guests.


Karaoke hire


At Surrey and Sussex DJs, we offer a karaoke service which can either come with a DJ or just the equipment itself. We supply Karaoke systems with mixing facilities that include EQ and vocal effects for the microphones. In addition, all our equipment comes with speakers, a TV monitor, DJ lighting, songbooks and request slips. Whether you're partying with close family members, a small group of friends, colleagues or members of a club, our karaoke service will allow your guests to belt out a song of their choice.

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